Frequently Asked Questions

As we are offering beefalo meat for sale, these are the most common questions we get from our customers:

1How much freezer space do I need?
For a quarter share of a beefalo will require approximately 5-8 cubic feet of freezer space.
2How much actual beef do I get from the beefalo?
Beefalo size varies but on average, the live weight is approximately 900 to 1300 pounds. The hanging weight is approximately 40 to 45% less than the live weight. The hang weight determines the cost per pound for meat sales and processing costs. Your take home freezer weight is then approximately 25-35% less than the total hanging weight. The exact amount taken home will also depend on the decided portion (quarter, half, or whole cow) and cuts chosen by each customer.
3How much does the meat cost?
We charge approximately $4.50 - $5.50 per pound of hanging weight and an additional $2 to $3 processing per pound. You get more value for your money when you purchase beefalo than if you were to buy a rib-eye steak sold on sale at a grocery store for $12.99. You also get excellent quality and tastier meat.

Remember, though, that the final price depends on the final size of the steer, how you have it cut, as well as the current processing fees.
4How do I prepare beefalo?
Preparing beefalo is simple, but it is easy to overcook it. Take note of the following considerations to maximize your experience:

--- Beefalo cooks 30 percent faster than traditional beef because it contains less fat.
--- Cooking beefalo requires half to a third less heat.
--- Beefalo is as tender as any other beef product as long as you don’t overcook it.

Beefalo is also a great substitute in recipes that call for buffalo meat, such as buffalo steak.

Here is a simple burger recipe that makes use of beefalo meat and nothing else:

Slo Poke Beefalo Burgers
Ingredients: 1lb Ground Slo Poke Beefalo
Step 1: Heat grill.
Step 2: Form ground beefalo into patties. A pound usually yields 4 to 5 good-sized patties.
Step 3: Cook on grill.
Step 4: Put on a bun and eat.
You can also put additional toppings like cheese but they are purely optional. If you’ve noticed, you don’t even need seasoning. Beefalo meat is already flavorful as it is.

Order beefalo meat here to enjoy its great taste and health benefits!
5Services we offer that other farms do not…
-- We personally will help you through the cut sheet.
-- We deal with the butcher so you don’t have to!
-- We pick up meat from the butcher and bring it back to our farm so you pick up directly from us!
-- We box up your meat (when we can) so you can pick up and go!